klainestana asked:

hey (anything to keep u occupied) xoxo

Opening Credits: roman’s revenge - nicki minaj wow this is such a tune tbt
Waking Up: backfire at the disco - the wombats tru
First Day At School: the carpal tunnel of love - fall out boy 
Falling In Love: light my candle - rent TRUE 
Fight Song: something is squeezing my skull - morrissey crap
Breaking Up: all american prophet - book of mormon this DOESNT WORK
Life’s OK: ashes to ashes - david bowie
Getting Back Together: fly with me - jonas brothers
Wedding:  looking up - paramore
Birth of Child: the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage - panic at the disco

Final Battle: the world will know - newsies TRUE 

Funeral Song: scared of lonely - beyonce
End Credits: if this was a movie - t swift SO TURE .